"Napoléon-Wellington: Destins Croisés": Exhibition at the Wellington Museum, Waterloo

from 21/03/2015 to 02/08/2015
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'Napoleon and Wellington: Shared Destinies'
To mark the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, the Wellington Museum in Waterloo is hosting an exhibition which explores the military, political and personal lives of the two great adversaries, Napoleon I and the 1st Duke of Wellington. Born the same year, the combat of these two men would end the First Empire, bringing about the formation of Belgium 15 years later and changing the face of Europe. This comparative exhibition, the first of its kind, also looks at social and political life in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
The exhibition will display over 200 objects, some from the museum's own collections and others lent by Apsley House and the Wellington family, the National Army Museum, the museums of Sens and Malmaison, as well as the Fondation Napoléon.
The Fondation is jointly curating the exhibition and has lent 76 objects from its collection. You can see some of these objects featured below:
Dessert Plate from the “Service Particulier de l'Empereur”: “Le prytanée de Saint-Cyr”

Napoleon I's nécessaire dentaire

Waistcoat and trousers worn by Napoleon on St. Helena

The cent-jours standard eagle of the 6e regiment des chasseurs à cheval

Bonaparte on a dromedary

Le Sacre ou le Couronnement de Napoléon (Napoleon's Consecration or Coronation): preparatory sketch by Jacques-Louis David

For opening hours and more information about the exhibition see the museum website.


On 1 August the exhibition will be open until 9 pm at the special price of 5 euros (including entry to the exhibition “L'histoire en briques Légo”).

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