Napoleon’s back in Milan!

Guided Tour, Theatrical Event
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Napoleon’s back in Milan!

A guided tour with historical costumes, retracing the footprints of the passage of Napoleon in the historic center of Milan (Italy)

From the  Palazzo Reale to the Arco della Pace, via the Brera and the Castello Sforzesco, revisiting statues, memories and ancient bricks, Napoleon Bonaparte visits the city to bring it back to its former glory, taking up what he had begun to do more than two hundred years ago.

The guided tour was designed by Martina Fusè, with the participation of Emanuele Vasta and Alberto Pistola.

“Napoleon is Back” is the first collaboration between Dramatrà and WAAM. It started in 2016 in order to tell a “History of Milan for those in a hurry”, from the point of view of one of the most iconic characters ever, internationally: perfect for tourists, but even for those who live in Milan.

For info and reservations, please visit Dramatrà’s website or call 340 1127035.


FULL (from 16 years old): 10€
REDUCED (between 7 and 15 years): 7€
CHILDREN (up to 6 years of age): FREE


Retro Palazzo Reale, via Pecorari 2, Milan, Italy

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