Porcelaine royale: The importance of Napoleon for the Sèvres and Fürstenberg porcelain manufacturies 

from 07/09/2017 to 10/12/2017
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Title in German: “Porcelaine royale. Napoleons Bedeutung für Sèvres und Fürstenberg”

The porcelain factory of King Jerome and the Parisian factories

This exhibition came about after the discovery by Olivier Baustian of an exceptional collection of porcelain from Sèvres and Paris dating from the First Empire in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts in Brunswick in Lower Saxony, Germany, a museum which also houses the largest collection of porcelain from Fürstenberg, a factory founded in 1747, which became the royal manufacture of Napoleon’s younger brother Jerome in 1808.

By showing some of these pieces together, the exhibition aims to examine the influence of the Manufactory of Sevres, and of Parisian manufactures such as Dagoty, Nast and Dihl and Guerhard, on the royal manufactory of King Jerome, the appointed supplier to the Royal court of Cassel during Jerome’s “Westphalian years.”

The exhibition not only shows us the difficulties of Jerome’s factory in finding new outlets after the Hanseatic regions became part of the Empire, but also retraces the journey of the objects seized by Pierre and Martial Daru at Brunswick in 1807 and taken to the new museum of Alexandre Broginart in Sèvres. In 1815, after the second abdication of Napoleon. Part of that beautiful collection of Sèvres porcelain was returned to Brunswick and will now be exhibited to the public for the first time.

With the help of generous loans from the collections of the Fondation Napoléon, the Cité de la Céramique, the Musée Carnavalet and several private collectors of Empire porcelain, this exhibition aims to revaluate the key role of the Lorraine-born Louis Victor Gerverot (1747-1829), Director of the Royal Manufactory of Fürstenberg, as the first to introduce the new Empire style to Germany.

The exhibition is accompanied by a beautiful catalogue with contributions by Guillaume Nicoud, Virginie Desrantes, Olivier Baustian and Heinrich Jobst von Wintzingerode.

[Presentation text by Olivier Baustian
Correspondent of the Souvenir Napoléonien in Germany]

All the works in the exhibition are presented in both English and German.

Museum Herzog Anton Ulrich,
Museum of Fine Arts of Lower Saxony
Museumsstraße 1
3810 Braunschweig

7 September – 10 December 2017
Tuesday-Sunday, 10 am-6pm


Adults 9 €, reduced 7 €
Children (6-17 years) 2 €
Family card I (1 adult + max 3 children) 11 €
Family card II (2 adults + max 3 children) 18 €

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