St Helena Music Festival: Napoleon and George III

Concert, Festival
from 01/05/2019 to 05/05/2019
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From 1 to 5 May, the Fondation Napoléon, in collaboration with the Government of St Helena (St Helena Tourism and Creative St Helena), is organising a Napoleonic music festival entitled “Napoleon and George III”, on the occasion of the commemoration of Napoleon’s death.

St Helena Music Festival: Napoleon and George III

Festival Programme

Wednesday 1 May – Concert at St Paul’s Cathedral at 7pm
Free entry

This concert will include piano solos, quartets, a cappella and soprano pieces, reviving music from the the Napoleonic and Georgian periods.


  • Grétry, « La Victoire est à nous », quartet a cappella (1 min)
  • Anon., “Hearts of oak”, unison quartet with piano (3 mins)
  • Steibelt, “Gran marcia di Buonaparte”, piano with Teeny Lucy Tambourine (5 mins)
  • Vogler, “The marital tiff”, piano with Teeny Narrator, violin (10 mins)
  • Anon, “Buonaparte’s March”, piano solo (1 min)
  • Anon, “Novelty, a quickstep”, piano solo (2 mins)
  • Steibelt, “Baccanal”, piano with Teeny Lucy, tambourine (4 mins)
  • Dalayrac, « Veillons au salut de l’Empire », quartet a cappella (3 mins)
  • Anon, “Girl I left behind me”, piano with unison Gentlemen of the quartet (3 mins)
  • Anon, “Farewell and adieu”, piano with unison Gentlemen of the quartet (3 mins)
  • Queen Hortense, “Partent pour la Syrie”, piano with soprano (Teeny) (4 mins)
  • Cimarosa, Piano sonata (8 mins), piano solo
  • Grétry, « Où peut-on être mieux ? » quartet a cappella (3 mins)
  • Anon, “Keel row”, piano with unison Ladies of the quartet (2 mins)
  • Anon, “Lincolnshire poacher”, piano with unison Ladies of the quartet (3 mins)
  • Rouget de l’Isle, « Marseillaise » (2 mins), piano with unison quartet
  • Arne, “National Anthem” (2 mins), piano with unison quartet

Saturday 4 May – Singing day programme followed by concert at  St James’s church at 4pm.
Free entrance

Members of the public wishing to take part are invited to two rehearsal sessions on the day at the following times: 11.30 am – 1pm and  2 – 3.30 pm
Peter Hicks will conduct the concert, which is open to the public. All singing skills are welcome


– Hearts of Oak
– The tight little Island
– The Girl I left behind me
– The Keel Row
– The Lincolnshire Poacher
– Farewell and Adieu
– Bluebells of Scotland
– Gallant Ship
– Le pont de Nantes
– La Marseillaise
– Veillons au salut de l’Empire

Sunday 5 May – Commemoration of the death of Napoleon I

10.15am Gathering at the observation Point
10.30am Beginning of the Ceremony
Prayers led by Father David Musgrave
2 minutes of silence with Last Post & Reveille played by Reverend Graeme Beckett
National Anthems by Professor Peter Hicks

From 11am to 3pm At Longwood, free entrance to the Museum, and Picnic in the Longwood House gardens authorised

4pm to 5.15pm Concert at Longwood House
A limited number of 100 tickets can be purchased for the concert from the Tourist Office (£10).

– Ludwig van Beethoven, “Sonate in A flat”, slow mouvement,”“per la morte di un’Eroe”, piano solo
– La reine Hortense, «Partant pour la Syrie », piano / tenor
– Johann Ludwig Dussek, Variations on «Partant pour la Syrie», piano solo
– Giovanni Paisiello, “Felice pastorella”, piano / tenor,  Giovanni Paisiello, Sonate, piano solo
– Rodolphe Kreutzer, “Mon habit”, piano / tenor
– Rodolphe Kreutzer, «Ouverture à Lodoïska – La Marche des Tartares ”, piano solo
– André Grétry, «La Victoire est à nous », piano solo
– Jacques-Marie Beauvarlet- Charpentier, Bataille d’Austerlitz, piano solo 

On the Radio

Peter Hicks will give 5 five-minute talks, one each day (Monday through Saturday)
 Saint FM (7.45am) et SAMS Radio (8am), on the follwing topics:

MondayMusic as historical re-enactment ;
TuesdayMusic at home ;
WednesdayThe St Helena Home Music Concert St Paul’s Cathedral ;
ThursdayThe Moment de mémoire and the Longwood Concert ;
Friday: The Singing Day.

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