"Waterloo, Stories of Love, Death and War" – a talk by Alwyn Collinson

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30 April 2015, 12.30pm
Hosted by the Army & Navy Club
36-39 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5JN
'I only send you these few lines… to assure you that in spite of your forgetfulness, my affection for you is as strong as ever, and that if a cannon ball hits me tomorrow I believe I shall die thinking of you.'
– Captain Philip Wodehouse, writing to his sweetheart Miss Parry, 19 June 1815
The Battle of Waterloo marked a decisive end to 23 years of war, the final defeat of Napoleon, and a pivotal moment in the lives of all who fought in it – including, of course, the 47,000 who died or suffered terrible injuries.
Waterloo touched tens of thousands of lives, from courtly ladies to common soldiers, from the Duke of Wellington to a six-year old Irish girl. Through letters, diaries, and personal possessions, Alwyn Collinson shows the human face – and human cost – of the greatest battle in British history.
Alwyn Collinson works at the National Army Museum in partnership with Waterloo 200 to commemorate the 2015 bicentenary of Waterloo. You can see his ongoing day-by-day chronicle of the Second World War, @RealTimeWWII on Twitter.
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Langue(s) : English

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