Winter and spring 2023 programme of Napoleonica® lectures

from 10/01/2023 to 27/06/2023
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All talks are given in French. Entrance is free but enrollement is required.

Most talks take place at the Fondation Napoléon, with the exception of musical lectures

Winter and spring 2023 programme of Napoleonica® lectures

Here is the updated program (as of 21 February) for the winter and spring 2023 sessions of Napoleonica® lectures. (*3 talks have been reprogrammed)

10 January, (for the 150th anniversary of the death of Napoleon III): “the sad medical demise of Napoleon III“, by Alain Goldcher
17 January (for the bicentenary of the death of Pius VII): “Pius VII in pictures“, by Jean-Marc Ticchi
24 January, “Was Alain Peyrefitte the “Las Cases” of General de Gaulle?” by Arnaud Teyssier
*14 February (postponed to a later date, to be decided), The palais d’Orsay: from Napoleon’s dream to the Orsay Railway station, by Hélène Lewandowski
March 21, “Les Halles [central food market] during the Second Empire: the gargantuan “belly” of Paris“, by Chantal Prévot
30 March, Musical lecture: “The romance during the Empire, or the art of blending poetry and music“, speaker Hervé Audéon
11 April, “Félix Baciocchi, the forgotten prince of the Bonaparte family“, by Alexis Halpérin
18 April, in partnership with the ICES-Institut catholique de Vendée: “From the terrorized Vendée to the creative Vendée, the enigma of a metanoia“, by Dominique Souchet
9 May, “L’Aiglon by Edmond Rostand: the story of a success“, by Olivier Aubriet
*4 May, Musical lecture: “Paganini, a faithful member of Napoleon I’s family“, by Laure Dautriche
23 May, Chemins de Traverse: What remains of François Furet’s Penser la Révolution française?, with Arthur Chevallier, Baptiste Roger-Lacan and Clément Weiss
6 June, “Diplomacy and caricature: the international politics of Napoleon III as seen by Honoré Daumier“, by Yves Bruley
*13 June, “They wanted to kill Napoleon“, by Jacques-Olivier Boudon
21 June, on the occasion of the “Fête de la Musique”: “Haydn, Beethoven, Napoleon”, by Jérôme Bloch
27 June, “Hippolyte Fortoul, Saint-Simonian socialist and minister of Napoleon III“, by Odile Delmas

See the detailed presentations of the conferences (pdf in French, updated on 21 February)

Last update : 21 / 2 / 2023

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