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The Battle of Marengo (detail): Kellermann's charge

Artist: LEJEUNE Louis François (baron) (1775-1848)

Date: Salon of 1801

Technique: Oil on canvas

Dimensions : H. 1.8 m; W. 2.5 m

Place:Versailles, musée national du château

Subjects: Italy (campaign of)(1800), Marengo (battle of)

Key words: military scene, battlefield, combat, armies, soldiers, horses, Austrians

Credits: M.P. Moinet


Extract from the catalogue for the Salon of an IX (1801 n°227):

"[...]General Kellermann leading his cavalry.
General Major Zack [sic] is taken prisoner, and General Saint-Julien is put to flight. Soldiers throw their caps in the air to show that they are surrendering.

In the distance the enemy cavalry pursues the French.
Further off, the village of Spinetta and the Appenines".

The charge of General Kellermann's cavalry, which was led by Kellermann himself, was the turning point in the battle in favour of the French. In his Mémoires, Marmont wrote: "Never did fortune play such a decisive role; never did a general show such perspicacity, vigour or efficacity than Kellermann on that day".

This work is part of the exhibition Marengo. Une victoire politique, which lasts until 28 August 2000 at the Museum of the Château de Malmaison et Bois-Préau.

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