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New York



A New York itinerary on the Napoleon website might at first sight appear a little disconcerting. It is true that there are certain historical links between France and the United States, notably, the war of Independence, the Louisiana Purchase, the exile of family members and partisans of Napoleon after the Battle of Waterloo and then, under Napoleon III, the War of Secession and the Mexico campaign. But the events of the First and Second Empires ran their course a long way from the American continent. So what is the reason for this itinerary? It is simply to show that the Napoleonic epic is not confined to old Europe. Enthusiasts of the First and Second Empires will find New York, a pioneer city if ever there was one, just as rich a source of cultural treasures. Now that your initial surprise is over, allow yourself to be guided by this unusual itinerary; it will greatly enrich your discovery of the Big Apple.



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