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WATKIN David (ed.), HEWAT-JABOOR Philip (ed.), Thomas Hope: Designer and Patron in Regency London

<i>© Yale University Press</i>

© Yale University Press

About the catalogue:
The son of the wealthiest merchant bankers in Europe, Thomas Hope (1769-1831) was a major catalyst in the arts of Regency England. At the age of 18, he embarked on a Grand Tour to the Continent and started to assemble the remarkable art collection that he later installed in his Duchess Street house in central London. Hope's remodeling and interior decoration of that house fostered what became known as the Regency.
This book is the most comprehensive study to date of Thomas Hope, focusing on his multifaceted role as designer and patron. The contributors examine his wide-ranging contribution to the arts as well as his extensive writings. Richly illustrated with new photographs, the volume presents a vast array of paintings, furniture, sculpture, and works of art, many of which have never been published before.

Thomas Hope: Designer and Patron in Regency London
Eds. David Watkin & Philip Hewat-Jaboor
Co-Curators: Philip Hewat-Jaboor & Daniella Ben-Arie
- Foreword, by Susan Weber Soros
- Introduction and Acknowledgements, by David Watkin
- Family Tree and Chronology, by Daniella Ben-Arie
- European Wealth and Ottoman Travel, by Dr. Philip Mansel
- The Reform of Taste in London: Hope's House in Duchess Street, by Prof. David Watkin
- Critic and Historian: Hope's Writings on Architecture, Furniture, and Interior Decoration, by David Watkin
Part 1. Household Furniture and Interior Decoration
Part 2. The Dowing College Controversy and the Greek Revival
Part 3. An Historical Essay on Architecture
- Thomas Hope's Furniture: "A Delightful and Varied Significance of Shape and Embellishment", by Frances Collard
- Fashion a L'Antique. Thomas Hope and Regency Dress, by Dr. Aileen Ribeiro
- "Character, Pleasing Outline, and Appropriate Meaning": Thomas Hope's Metalwork for Duchess Street, by Martin Chapman
- The Past as a Foreign Country: Thomas Hope's Collection of Antiquities, by Dr. Ian Jenkins
- "A zealous and liberal patronage of its contemporary professors": Thomas Hope's modern sculptures, by Prof. David Bindman
- The Collection of Contemporary Pictures of Thomas Hope, by Jeannie Chapel
- The Collections of Old Masters of John Hope and his sons Thomas Hope and Henry Philip Hope, by Jeannie Chapel
- The Hope Family in London: Collecting and Patronage, by Daniella Ben-Arie
- The Reform of Taste in the Country: The Deepdene, by David Watkin
- The Tragic Mask of Anastasius/ Selim: A New Introduction to Hope's Novel, by Jerry Nolan
- Hope's Philosophical Excursus, by Prof. Roger Scruton
- The Afterlife of Hope, by David Watkin and Frances Collard
- Bibliography, by Daniella Ben Arie
The catalogue is available here.

Place and publisher: Yale University Press

Date of publication: 2008

Number of pages: 520

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From the publishers:
"Re-create a royal menu at home with Royal Collection Trust's first-ever cookbook. Written by the Royal Chef and the Deputy Master of The Queen's Household, A Royal Cookbook presents four three-course menus adapted from those prepared in the kitchens of Buckingham Palace and served to guests of Her Majesty The Queen. [...] Over 50,000 people are welcomed to Buckingham Palace each year as The Queen's guests at State Banquets, lunches, dinners, receptions and garden parties. For official royal occasions, many dishes are presented on porcelain from the Royal Collection, such as the magnificent Coronation Service, most recently used at the State Banquet for the President of the Republic of Korea in November 2013. One of the most ambitious china services ever produced by an English factory, it was commissioned by William IV from the Rockingham Works and first used at Queen Victoria's Coronation Banquet in 1838.

A Royal Cookbook also tells the story of royal dining through history; from the first recorded serving of 'ice cream' in England at the Garter Banquet for Charles II in 1671 to the thousands of dishes eaten at George IV's extravagant Coronation Banquet, including 160 tureens of soup and 400 jellies and creams."

Place and publisher: London: Royal Collection Trust

Date of publication: 2014

Number of pages: 120

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