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EDGECOMBE DANIEL John, Portugal to Waterloo with Wellington: The Journal of a British Commisariat Officer During the Peninisular War and the Campaign of 1812

Description: Readers may be of the initial opinion that the view of an officer of the Commissariat Department would be necessarily less dynamic tyhan that of a regimental officer. In fact, Daniel's position as a non-combatant has proved to be the exact opposite and of particular value to those interested in his subject matter by his comparative detachment from the narrow and confused view of the actual battle line. Daniel was able to overview the great events of which he was a participant and leave us essential reports that few were in a position to witness. Daniel was often close enough to the action as to have comrades killed next to him, so this is far from a view ‘from behind the lines'. We follow Daniel on campaign with the ‘Great Duke' throughout the Peninsula, over the Pyrenees and into Southern france. When the time comes to bring the Emperor to account at Waterloo, Daniel once again joined Wellington's Army in the field and he has provided another vital insight into the campaign of 1815 to enhance our knowledge of these pivotal events.

Place and publisher: UK: Leonaur

Date of publication: 2010

Number of pages: 240

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Description: From the publishers: "After Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo, he was sent into exile on St Helena, arriving in October 1815. For the six years until his death, he was an 'eagle in a cage', reduced from the most powerful figure in Europe to a prisoner on a rock in the South Atlantic. But the fallen emperor was charmed and entertained by Betsy Balcombe, the pretty teenage daughter of a local merchant. Anne Whitehead has discovered new evidence that the relationship between Betsy and the Emperor was not just sentimental or romantic, as Betsy claimed in the memoir which turned her into a celebrity. Her father, merchant William Balcombe, was well-connected to the court in London, and he smuggled letters and undertook a clandestine mission to Paris for Napoleon. Betsy's relationship with Napoleon cast a shadow over the rest of her colourful life. She married a Regency cad, who soon left her and their daughter, and she travelled to Australia in 1823 with her father, who was appointed the first Colonial Treasurer of New South Wales. With her extraordinary connections to royalty in London and to Napoleon, the Bonaparte family and his courtiers, Betsy Balcombe led a life worthy of a Regency romance. This new account draws on the author's painstaking research in the UK, St Helena, France and Australia, revealing Napoleon at his most vulnerable, human and reflective, and a woman caught in some of the most dramatic events of her time."
Austrailian title: BETSY AND THE EMPEROR: the true story of Napoleon, a pretty girl, a Regency rake and an Australian colonial misadventure.
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Place and publisher: London, Allen & Unwin

Date of publication: 2015

Number of pages: 368

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