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BRAUN Guido, CLEMENS Gabriele B. , KLINKHAMMER Lutz, KOLLER Alexander, Napoleonische Expansionspolitik: Okkupation oder Integration?

<i>© de Gruyter </i>

© de Gruyter

From the publishers:
In the wake of French expansion around 1800, large areas were made Départements of the Republic. These areas became increasingly influenced by French revolutionary reforms. This volume examines the characteristics of Napoleonic hegemony in these areas, from conquest to the integration, considering these central aspects: land and politics; society and war; economics and the environment; representation and legacy. The geographic spectrum extends from the Rhineland to Switzerland, Piedmont, Liguria and Rome and Southern Italy.
LUTZ KLINKHAMMER, ALEXANDER KOLLERNapoleonische Expansionspolitik: zu den ambivalenten Auswirkungen von Eroberung und Integration p.1
STUART WOOLF Napoleon: politics of integration? p. 18
THIERRY LENTZ Neue Ideologie und grundlegende Konstanten in der europäischen
Diplomatie des Napoleonischen Zeitalters p. 27
MICHAEL BROERS Transformation and Discontinuity from the old order to
the modern state in the Piedmontese and Ligurian Départments
of Napoleonic Italy p . 41
JOHN A. DAVIS Napoleon and Naples: the Imperial Project in Mediterranean
Perspectives p. 53
GABRIELE B. CLEMENS Napoleonische Transformationen der Nachbarstaaten. Die rheinischen Départements und die Schweiz p. 63
MASSIMO CATTANEO Das napoleonische Rom (1809–1814). Konsensstrategien und
Verweigerungshaltung p. 83
Conscription and Desertion in France and Italy under Napoleon p. 102
LUTZ KLINKHAMMER Kontrolle und Identität. Die Grenzen der Freiheit im Rheinland und in Piemont unter französischer Herrschaft p. 120
VOLKER SELLIN Der napoleonische Staatskult p. 138
HANS-PETER ULLMAN Territoriales Finanzwesen, französische Raubwirtschaft und
napoleonisches Finanzsystem im linksrheinischen Deutschland p. 160
WOLFRAM SIEMANN Der Umgang mit Umwelt und Natur in der napoleonischen Ära p. 172
HEINZ-GERHARD HAUPT Zur Reichweite napoleonischer Gewerbepolitik. Die Zünfte in den annektierten Gebieten p. 193
Napoleonische Herrschaft in Bild und Text p. 205
Napoleon der „Weltfresser“? Die europäische Karriere eines anti-revolutionären Bildmotivs p. 241
Eine Geschichte der zweiten Dimension. An den Wurzeln der Napoleon-Biographie p. 271

Place and publisher: Berlin: De Gruyter

Date of publication: 2013

Number of pages: 286

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Description: From the publishers:
"Patrice Gueniffey is the leading French historian of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic age. This book, hailed as a masterwork on its publication in France, takes up the epic narrative at the heart of this turbulent period: the life of Napoleon himself, the man who—in Madame de Staël's words—made the rest of “the human race anonymous.” Gueniffey follows Bonaparte from his obscure boyhood in Corsica, to his meteoric rise during the Italian and Egyptian campaigns of the Revolutionary wars, to his proclamation as Consul for Life in 1802. Bonaparte is the story of how Napoleon became Napoleon. A future volume will trace his career as emperor.
Most books approach Napoleon from an angle—the Machiavellian politician, the military genius, the life without the times, the times without the life. Gueniffey paints a full, nuanced portrait. We meet both the romantic cadet and the young general burning with ambition—one minute helplessly intoxicated with Josephine, the next minute dominating men twice his age, and always at war with his own family. Gueniffey recreates the violent upheavals and global rivalries that set the stage for Napoleon's battles and for his crucial role as state builder. His successes ushered in a new age whose legacy is felt around the world today.
Averse as we are now to martial glory, Napoleon might seem to be a hero from a bygone time. But as Gueniffey says, his life still speaks to us, the ultimate incarnation of the distinctively modern dream to will our own destiny".
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Place and publisher: Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Date of publication: 2015

Number of pages: 1024

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