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MULTI-AUTHOR , The War of 1812: A Three-volume Regional Commemoration of the Bicentennial, 2012-14, Vol. 1, The Conflict Ignites

From the publishers:
"The Conflict Ignites is volume one of a three-part series of commemorative annuals.
Though often forgotten today, the War of 1812 profoundly impacted the United States, Canada and Native peoples on both sides of the border. Nowhere was the fighting more frequent or fierce than along the Niagara River.
[This book] examine[s] the conflict, its local impact, and why it deserves to be remembered 200 years later."

Table of Contents:
- Remembering a forgotten war, part one
A primer for 1812
by Douglas W. DeCroix
- The Surgeon's Art
Edward Walsh at Niagara
by Brian Leigh Dunnigan
- Salt Boats are a-comin'
The War of 1812 touches down in Chautauqua County
by Jacqueline Trace
- To alto the balance of power
Jesse Duncan Elliott and the Capture of the Detroit and the Caledonia
by C. Douglas Kobler
- Flawed Invasion
The Battle of Queenston Heights
by John W. Percy
- Major General Isaac Brock
The Saviour of Upper Canada
by Ron Dale
- Betsy Doyle
Hot shot heroine of the War of 1812
by Catherine Emerson
- John Norton
Six Nations war chief
by Ron Dale
- Finding 1812 in 2012
by Matthew Biddle
Western New York Heritage Press website
Also see Volume 2 in this collection: 1813, The Border in Flames

Place and publisher: Cheektowaga: Western New York Heritage Press

Date of publication: 2012

This week’s book(s):

Description: From the publishers:
"Wellington's momentous victory over Napoleon was the culminating point of a brilliant military career. Yet Wellington's achievements were far from over: he commanded the allied army of occupation in France to the end of 1818, returned home to a seat in Lord Liverpool's cabinet, and became prime minister in 1828. He later served as a senior minister in Peel's government and remained Commander-in-Chief of the Army for a decade until his death in 1852.
In this richly detailed work, the second and concluding volume of Rory Muir's definitive biography, the author offers a substantial reassessment of Wellington's significance as a politician and a nuanced view of the private man behind the legend of the selfless hero. Muir presents new insights into Wellington's determination to keep peace at home and abroad, achieved by maintaining good relations with the Continental powers and resisting radical agitation while granting political equality to the Catholics in Ireland rather than risk civil war. And countering one-dimensional pictures of Wellington as a national hero, Muir paints a portrait of a well-rounded man whose austere demeanor on the public stage belied his entertaining, gossipy, generous, and unpretentious private self.
Rory Muir is visiting research fellow, School of History and Politics, University of Adelaide. He is the author of several previous books related to Wellington's career, including the first volume of this two-volume set, Wellington: The Path to Victory, 1769–1814. He lives in Australia".
The accompanying Commentary of Rory Muir's two-volume biography of Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington has been made available by Yale University Press to read online or as a free download on the website of the biography here. The Commentary, originally written by Rory Muir for his own use, is the extended text from the first volume of Rory Muir's definitive biography, Wellington: The Path to Victory, 1769-1814.

Place and publisher: Newhaven and London, Yale University Press

Date of publication: 2015

Number of pages: 728

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