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- Press Review Special: Bicentenary of the Battle of Leipzig, 1813-2013

Articles about the re-enactment, with interviews of re-enactors:
- "War spectacle to replay Napoleon's defeat at Leipzig", in the Business Recorder
- "Napoleon defeated in Leipzig, again", GMA News, by Carolyn Beeler
- "Germany recreates historic Napoleon battle", The (with re-enactment pictures)
- "Napoleon comes up short in Liepzig as Battle of the Nations is recreated on 200th anniversary", in

The facts: what happened during the re-enactment and the commemorative events:
- "Leipzig memorial 200 years after Napoleon defeat in Battle of Leipzig", on the website
- "Napoleon loses again as thousands re-enact Battle of Nations in Germany", in StraitsTimes
- "Thousands re-enact Battle of Nations in Germany", The Wichita Eagle,
- "1813 Battle of the Nations commemorated", Polskie Radio – this article also mentions the commemorative ceremony in Warsaw for Prince Poniatowski, who died during the Battle of Leipzig.
- About Prince Poniatowski, also see this article about the commemorative events in Poland: "Poland salutes Marshal Poniatowski on 200th anniversary", in Polskie Radio DLA Zagranicy
Articles with short videos, showing images of the re-enactment:
- "Thousands re-enact Napoleonic Battle of the Nations", on the BBC website
- "Enthusiasts restage Napoleon's defeat at Battle of Leipzig", on 
Pictures of the re-enactment:
- "6,000 Actors Re-Enact Battle Of Nations On 200th Anniversary"
second picture
- "In pictures: Battle of Leipzig, Napoleonic re-enactment", BBC News Europe
- "Battle of Nations reenacted near Leipzig", in The Voice of Russia
- "Historical reenactment 200 years after Battle of Nations", in The Voice of Russia 
- "Thousands participate in 1813 battle re-enactment", (with 30 photos)
- "Thousands re-enact Battle of Nations in Germany", News OK
Picture Gallery of portraits, historical objects, documents and paintings related to the Battle of Leipzig: 
- "Battle of Nations: cultural heritage", in The Voice of Russia

Interview of historian Peter Hofschröer:
- Interview of Peter Hofschröer: "The Battle of Nations marked the real beginning of the end of the Napoleonic wars", in The Voice of Russia
See Peter Hofschröer's book: 1813, the Battle of Nations.
Wilhelm Wieprecht's music piece Battle of Nations:
Two interviews and videos about the “monster” musical piece, Battle of Nations, composed by Wilhelm Wieprecht in 1863 for the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig, and recently reconstituted by music professor David Whitwell and performed under the baton of Craig Dabelstein.
- "The Battle of Leipzig was the most important single event because it stopped Napoleon" The Voice of Russia
Interview of David Whitwell, a music professor who reconstructed Wieprecht's composition Battle of Nations
- "Wieprecht's composition on the Battle of Nations is the most amazing piece of music" in The Voice of Russia, with a video of a performance of Wieprecht's piece for three orchestral bands, followed by an interview of the conductor, Craig Dabelstein.
German writer Sabine Ebert wrote a historical novel taking place during the Battle of Leipzig, on an invitation from the city of Leipzig: 
- "The Battle of Nations changed the political map of Europe", interview of Sabine Ebert, author of the novel 1813 Warfire, in The Voice of Russia


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