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La Correspondance générale in numbers

(Article by HOUDECEK François )

 Bibliographical details

Members of the Correspondence team

  Members of the Correspondence team

Correspondence visitors who have participated since the beginning: 258
Correspondence visitors to the Fondation: 50
Correspondence visitors trained in the digital processing of letters: 130
-2004: 4,188 working hours (89.1 per week)
-2005: 7,996 working hours (170,1 per week)
-2006: 7,660 working hours (162,9 per week)
-2007: 7,776 working hours (165,4 per week)
-2008: 5,712 working hours (to 31 October 2008)


French archives and institutions that provided letters: 100
Foreign archives and institutions that provided letters: 122
Countries contacted: 40
Countries that provided letters: 21
Letters received from abroad: 3,200
Auction catalogues containing letters from Napoleon that were consulted: 681
Letters found in auction catalogues: 3,362
Collectors who have provided letters: 86
Letters from collectors and dealers: 6,019
Monographs containing letters from Napoleon inventoried: 349
Number of digitised letter files: 28,100
Reviews that published letters from Napoleon: 52
Letters (estimated): 36,281


Files in database: 34,580
Earliest letter: 5 July 1784, addressed to Fesch
Most recent letter: 25 April 1821, addressed to La Bouillerie
Recipients: more than 2,000
Letters not present in Correspondance published during Second Empire: 56.9 % (19,702)
Letters not present in inventoried monographs: 36 % (12,455)
Previously unpublished letters: 1 % (359)
Percentage of letters based on final-edition copies: 36.7 % (12,617)


Volume 1, 1784-1797, Thierry Lentz (ed.), 2004: 2,283 letters
Volume 2, 1798-1799, Thierry Lentz (ed.), 2005: 2,550 letters
Volume 3, 1800-1802, Thierry Lentz (ed.), 2006: 2,657 letters
Volume 4, 1803-1804, François Houdecek (ed.), 2007: 2,077 letters
Volume 5, 1805, Michel Kérautret et Gabriel Madec (ed.), 2008: 1,764 letters
Volume editors: 10
Annotators: 38
Volumes: 13
(Tr. H.D.W.)


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