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The Mexican campaign: menu for the Dinner of the Grand Maréchal, 29 March 1865

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On 29 March 1865, a grand dinner was held by the Mexican emperor Maximilian I to celebrate General Bazaine's appointment as maréchal d'empire. General Bazaine was commander of the French army in Mexico from October 1863.

Mexico, 29th March 1865
Menu for the Dinner of the Grand Maréchal
Brunoise Soup
Tapioca Soup
Bouchées aux huîtres (Oysters)
Fish aux fines herbes
Braised filet in Richelieu sauce
Lamb cutlets jardinière
Vol-au-vent financière
Salmon à la Tartare
Périgueux quails
Punch à la Romaine
Rôts (Roast meats)
Dinde au cresson (Turkey and Watercress)
Saddle of lamb
French peas
Asparagus with Hollandaise
Maraschino Jelly
Apricot cake
Diplomat pudding
Vanilla ice cream
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Reproduced in Percy F. Martin, Maximilian in Mexico. The story of the French intervention (1861-1867), 1914, p. 175.


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