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The Mexican campaign: dinner and concert, 27 April 1865

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Dinner on 27 April 1865
Concert Programme


As part of our close-up on: the Mexican campaign, 1862-1867, we have a typical imperial dinner and musical evening. Maximilian and Charlotte, the imperial couple, were particulary fond of Italian opera.

  Dinner on 27 April 1865

Soup à la Sévigné
Croquettes à la Mazarin
Oyster rissoles
Filets à la parisienne
Lamb cutlets jardinière
Olive Pâté
Friands de Strasbourg
French peas
Roast Meats
Chicken aux truffes
Sago Pudding
Rice croquettes
All fruits cream (Crèmes à tous les fruits)
Pears in syrup
Cheese and butter
Ice cream with strawberries and milk
Fruit and tarts.

  Concert Programme

First half

1) Sérénade from Faust (Gounod), sung by Mr. Biachi
2) Mon fils, Romance from Le Prophète (Meyerbeer), sung by Mlle Sulzer
3) La donna è mobile (Verdi), sung by Mr Mazzolenni
4) Fantaisie Brillante pour violon, dedicated to his Majesty King Leopold and played by his composer Mr Jehin-Prume, accompanied by the orchestra
5) Trio, from I Lombardi (Verdi), sung by Melle Ortolani and Messieurs Mazzolenni and Biachi
Second half

6) Air from The Barber of Seville (Rossini), sung by Mr Orlandini
7) Mémoires de Chateaubriand (Quidant), played on piano by M. Léon
8) Brindisi from Lucrezia Borgia, (Donizetti), sung by Mlle Sulzer
9) Elégie, composed for violin by Ernst, and played by Mr Jehin-Prume accompanied by piano
10) Quartet from Rigoletto (Verdi) sung by Mesdemoiselles Ortolanni and Sulzer et Messieurs Mazzolenni and Orlandini


Reproduced in Percy F. Martin, Maximilian in Mexico. The story of the French intervention (1861-1867), 1914, pp. 176-178.


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 A close-up on: the Mexican campaign, 1862-1867



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