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Detention in Napoleonic France: complementary texts to Napoleon's Prisoner: a country parson's Ten-Year detention in France


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Our book of the month for May 2012 is John Parry-Wingfield's Napoleon's Prisoner: a country parson's Ten-Year detention in France, which retells the story of the Reverend Lancelot Charles Lee's ten-year imprisonment in France following the collapse of the Peace of Amiens. Those looking for more on the life and times of détenus - those held captive in France during the Napoleonic wars - will find plenty of reading material below. In all cases, the links direct to external websites.

John G. Alger, Napoleon's British Visitors and Captives, 1801-15 (London, 1904)

Captain Edward Boys, Narrative of a Captivity and Adventures in France and Flanders between the years 1803 and 1809 (London, 1836)

Edward Fraser, Napoleon the gaoler; personal experiences and adventures of British sailors and soldiers during the great captivity (1914)

James Henry Lawrence, A picture of Verdun, or the English detained in France (London, 1810)

Richard Langton, Narrative of a Captivity in France from 1809 to 1814 (London, 1836)

Donat Henchy O'Brien, My adventures during the late war; a narrative of shipwreck, captivity, escapes from French prisons, and sea service in 1804-14 (London, 1902)

Sir Edward Hain; John Tregerthen Short; Thomas Williams, Prisoners of war in France from 1804 to 1814, being the adventures of John Tregerthen Short and Thomas Williams of St. Ives, Cornwall (1914)

Reverend R. B. Wolfe, English Prisoners in France (1830)


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