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La revue
anglegauche angledroit


Decree dated 7 September, 1854, instituting the commission in charge of the publication of the Correspondence of Napoleon I

(Article by NAPOLEON III )

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NAPOLEON, by the grace of God and by the will of the nation, emperor of the French,
To all present and future generations, hail.
We have decreed and decree the following:
                                                  Article the first
A commission has been instituted to gather, coordinate and publish the correspondence of our august predecessor, Napoleon I […].
                                                      Art. 2
This commission composed as follows:
Marshal Vaillant, our war minister, grand maréchal du palais, member of the Institut, president;
Baron Dupin (Charles), senator, member of the Institut, vice-president;
Comte Boulay de la Meurthe, senator;
P. Mérimée, senator, member of the Institut;
Général de division Aupick, senator;
Armand Lefebvre, Councillor of State;
De Chabrier, director general of the Archives de l'Empire;
Chassériau, maître des requêtes at the Council of State;
Perron, chef de section au ministère d'Etat
                                                      Art. 3
Our minister of state is charged with the execution of the present decree.
Made at Boulogne, 7 September 1554.
By the Emperor:
The Minister of State
Achille Fould
By other decrees, dated 10, 30 September and 24 October, 1854, the following have been appointed members of the commission:
Monsieur Cucheval-Clarigny;
Général de division, baron Pelet, senator;
Général de division, comte de Flahaut, senator;
Comte Jérôme-Paul de Champagny, député in the Corps Législatif.


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