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anglegauche angledroit


WURTEMBERG, Catherine of

(1783-1835) Princess, wife of Jerome Bonaparte

Born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 21 February 1783 and died, in Lausanne, Switzerland, 29th of Novemeber 1835, Princess Catherine of Wurtemburg was Duchess of Swabia and of Teck, daughter of Frederick I of Wurtemberg and the princess Augusta of Brunswick-Wolfen-Büttel.
She married King Jérôme-Napoléon on the 22nd of August 1807 and bore three children: prince Jerome de Monfort (Trieste, Italy, 24th of August 1814 – Florence, Italy, 12th of May 1847), princess Mathilde (Trieste, Italy, 27th of May 1820 – Paris, France, 2nd of January 1904), prince Napoléon (Trieste, Italy, 9th of September 1822 – Rome, Italy, 17th of March 1891).

Irène Delage, June 2006, tr. Paul-Napoléon Calland, ed. P.H.


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