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(1776-1810), Prussian queen

The daugther of the Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, she married the future Prussian king Frederick William III in 1793, and was the dominant figure at the Prussian court from his accession in 1797. Universally recognized as a strong-willed champion of Prussian national interests, she was far more popular than her husband, attracting a powerful circle of political supporters behind a programme of internal reform to secure the monarchy's autocratic status and an aggressive foreign policy aimed at territorial expansion. After Prussia's defeats by France in 1806-07, she accompanied her husband to Tilsit, attempting to flatter and cajole Napoleon into granting a merciful peace, but the French emperor was not moved to make significant concessions, and Louise remained his bitter enemy until her death.

Source: Dictionary of the Napoleonic Wars, ed. S. Pope, London: Collins, 1999


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