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NAPOLEON I , Correspondance générale de Napoléon Bonaparte : Tome 5, Boulogne, Trafalgar, Austerlitz 1805 (in French)

Description: Volume five of the Correspondance générale de Napoléon Bonaparte, published by the Fondation Napoléon and Editions Fayard contains 1764 annotated letters and a preface by Martine de Boisdeffre, Directrice des Archives de France. It was edited by Michel Kerautret and Gabriel Madec, with the assistance of François Houdecek, Elodie Lerner and Irène Delage, and includes six detailed studies, nine maps, a timeline and three indexes. Unlike previous volumes, volume five is concerned with just one year: 1805. This particularly busy year covers the camps at Boulogne, the battle of Trafalgar and the French victory at Austerlitz.
The Fondation Napoléon has been supported in this historic and exceptional venture by the Archives de France, the Fondation La Poste and more than one hundred volunteers.
Preface by Martine de Boisdeffre
Publishing committee for the Correspondence of Napoleon
Introduction by Michel Kerautret and Gabriel Madec
Principles of publication by François Houdecek and Emilie Barthet
The General Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte for 1805 (1764 letters)
Letters without text
-"La politique italienne de Napoléon en 1805" by Alain Pillepich
-"Essai de typologie des documents d'archives produits par le Cabinet de Napoléon et sa Secrétairerie d'Etat" by Jean-Bapiste Auzel
-"Claude-François Méneval, secrétaire de Napoléon" by Marc Allégret
-"Le camp de Boulogne" by Fernand Beaucour
-"La Grande Armée de 1805" by Gabriel Madec
-"Stratégie maritime de Napoléon en 1805" by Admiral Rémi Monaque
-Republican/Gregorian calendars conversion table
-Measures and currencies
Timeline (1805) by Irène Delage
Publishing committee for the Correspondence of Napoleon (suite)
Manuscript and bibliographical sources (Volume 5)
Index of names
Index of destination institutions, entities and authorities
Index of places of composition

Click here for the introduction by Michel Kerautret and Gabriel Madec.
Click here for a commentary and sample letter by Michel Kerautret.
Click here for François Houdecek's project update.
Click here for the project statistics.

Place and publisher: Paris: Fondation Napoléon/Fayard

Date of publication: 2008

Number of pages: 1152

This week’s book(s):

Description: We are delighted to announce this week the winners of this year's Fondation Napoléon History Prizes! Competition this year was very stiff, with a remarkable number of meticulously researched, lavishly produced, brilliantly argued works under consideration, but our Jury managed to whittle them down to just three. The 2014 First Empire Prize is awarded to Irène Delage and Chantal Prévot's Atlas de Paris au temps de Napoléon; the 2014 Second Empire Prize to Étienne Chilot's Un jardin pour Eugénie; and the Jury Prize to Andrew Roberts for his Napoleon the Great. The award ceremony will take place in the Hôtel de Charost, the British Ambassador's residence in France and former home of Napoleon I's sister, Pauline Borghese, on 9 December.
Our warmest congratulations to all our winners! 

Place and publisher:

Date of publication:

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