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Jean Boudet was born in 1769 and was a dragoon in the Ancien Régime Penthièvre regiment by 1785. However, in 1788, he was relieved from duty following a desertion plot that he did not reveal. He returned to the army in 1792 and became lieutenant in the 7e bataillon des volontaires de la Gironde. He later served in the Armée des Pyrénées (1792-1793) before being posted to Guadeloupe (1794-1799) where he became général de division. After a stint in the Armée de Batavie, he participated in the Second Italian Campaign, during which time he commanded a division under Duchesne, then one under Murat and finally as part of Desaix's corps. He was wounded at Marengo (14 June 1800) and did not return from Italy until 1801, when he was dispatched to Saint-Domingue (1801-1802). He particpated in the 1805 Austrian campaign, serving in Marmont's second corps, before returning to Italy in 1806. After a number of different commands, he served during the 1809 Austrian campaign in command of a division in the fourth corps. He distinguished himself at the Battle of Essling (21-22 May) but the loss of his artillery at Wagram (6 July) led to severe criticism from Napoleon. He died shortly afterwards, on 14 September, perhaps having taken his own life.
Source: Dictionnaire Napoléon (tr. & ed., with permission, H.D.W.)


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