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Delve deeper into Napoleonic history here in our section on the history of the two empires. Alongside a section for those just starting, there are many articles, images with commentary, close-ups and special dossiers for the serious Napoleonic enthusiast.

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Articles : A new Napoleonic campaign for Montereau
In pictures : The crossing of the bridge at Arcole - Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile
Dossier thématiques : A close-up on: the Mexican campaign, 1862-1867


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History of Napoleon Bonaparte and the First Empire, History of Napoleon III and the Second Empire: articles, images, the key dates, family tree of the imperial family, Republican calendar, biographies and books on Napoleon I and Napoleon III
  Napoleonic history of the 1st Empire, 2nd Empire: Themed close-ups

Napoleonic history of the 1st Empire, 2nd Empire: Themed close-ups
A timeline, articles, and a bibliography, in short a close-up on a specific topic

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  Napoleonic history, Exhibitions online, Special Dossiers

Online Exhibitions and multimedia dossiers created in partnership with museums and archives…


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Fundamentals: discover Napoleon I and Napoleon III - easy to understand, easy to access

General Bonaparte - The key dates for the history of the 1st Empire and 2nd Empire

A timeline of the major occurances of the First and Second Empires

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Napoleon III and the Prince Impérial: the family tree of Napoleon Ist and Napoleon III

Napoleon I, the Aiglon, Napoleon III, and their descendants




Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile, the key places for Napoleon Ist and Napoleon III

Discover the key places that marked the lives of Napoleon I and Napoleon III.

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Straightforward books on Napoleon Ist, the First Empire, Napoleon III, the Second Empire

A selection of fundamental works on the history of the two French empires

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The coronation of Napoleon, by David: the best known and most important paintings related to Napoleon Ist and the First Empire, Napoleon III and the Second Empire

The history of the two empires seen through the eyes of the great painters

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Imperial eagle: imperial emblem, symbol and imperial coats of arms

An explanation of the symbols used by the two empires.

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Republican/Gregorian calendar calculator

Get all tangled up in your Brumaires and Germinals? Our Republican calendar calculator will help you out!

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History of the First Empire, History of the Second Empire: Napoleonic articles, timelines, bibliographies, image database
  • Timelines
    Thematic timelines related to the history of the First and Second Empires
  • Articles
    An ensemble of articles related to the First and Second Empires
  • Biographies
    Biographies of key figures of the First and Second Empires
  • In pictures
    Looking for a scene, a portrait, a sculpture or a monument? Try the image database.
  • Bibliographies
    A selection of thematic bibliographies on the history of the First and Second Empires
  • The Napoleonic Digital Library
    Several thousand documents, digitised or transcribed, relating to or published during Ist and 2nd Empires, compiled by the Fondation Napoléon.
  • Archives and libraries
    A worldwide selection of archival centres and libraries of First and Second Empire interest


Napoleon I in his coronation robes

The Empress Eugénie and her court

The sacrifice of Napoleon Buonaparte, 18 June, 1815


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Kids' corner

Napo Factfiles

Consulate and Empire timeline (10 years old)

In the footsteps of Napoleon III

Napoleon I and his family

Colouring in and other activities for kindergarten children



The General Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte

The Fondation’s publications

The Masterpieces of the Fondation Napoléon's Collection



Magazine and Napoleonic What's On, interview, new books, press reviewsWhether you are a beginner in Napoleonic history or a seasoned campaigner, this section offers you all you need to go further in your reading.

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