Christmas Selection 2015

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Military History

LEGGIERE Michael V., Napoleon and the Struggle for Germany: The Franco-Prussian War of 1813. Volume 1. The War of Liberation
BAKER-SMITH Veronica, Wellington’s Hidden Heroes: The Dutch and the Belgians at Waterloo
THOMPSON Dr Mark S Albuera. The Fatal Hill: The Allied Campaign in Southern Spain in 1811 and the Battle of Albuera
DAVEY James, In Nelson’s Wake: The Navy and the Napoleonic

General History

MANSEL Philip, The Eagle in Splendour: Inside the Court of Napoleon
CLERENS Josee, Buying Louisiana: An Eyewitness’s Account of the Louisiana Purchase


LEYS Simon, The Death of Napoleon
BURGESS Anthony, Napoleon Symphony – A Novel in Four Movements
HOOLE Louise, Black Rock: The Story of an Island, an Exile and an Emperor
FIELDS Bertram, Destiny: A novel of Napoleon & Josephine
SELIN Shannon, Napoleon in America
DIETRICH William, The three Emperors: An Ethan Gage adventure

In the time of Napoleon

UGLOW Jenny, In These Times: Living in Britain through Napoleon’s Wars, 1793-1815
COX Jeffrey N., Romanticism in the Shadow of War: Literary Culture in the Napoleonic War Years
BATES Stephen, 1815: Regency Britain in the Year of Waterloo
BOWNAS Jane L., War, the Hero and the Will: Hardy, Tolstoy and the Napoleonic Wars
WULF Andrea, The Invention of Nature: The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt, the Lost Hero of Science

Paris during the Empires

DEJEAN Joan, How Paris Became Paris: The Invention of the Modern City
HOPKINS Richard S, Planning the Greenspaces of Nineteenth-Century Paris
GOLBIN Pamela (Author), FRANCK Charles (Illustrator), Paris: Les Boulevards (facsimile of a 19th Century publication, modern text in English)


GUENIFFEY Patrice (author) , RENDALL Steven (translator), Bonaparte: 1769-1802
SCOTT Walter, The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte: Emperor of the French
JAY Deborah, Napoleon’s Other Wife: The story of Marie-Louise, Duchess of Parma, the lesser-known wife of Napoleon Bonaparte


MIKABERIDZE Alexander, Russian Eyewitness Accounts of the 1807 Campaign
NORTH Jonathan, Napoleon’s Mameluke: The Memoirs of Roustam Raza
CLERENS Josee, Buying Louisiana: An Eyewitness’s Account of the Louisiana Purchase 


LENTZ Thierry, Waterloo, 1815 (in French)
WHITE Alasdair, The Road to Waterloo – a concise history of the 1815 campaign
SIMNER Mark, An Illustrated Introduction to the Battle of Waterloo
SNOW Peter, SNOW Dan, The Battle of Waterloo Experience
CLARKE Stephen, How the French won Waterloo (or think they did)
LEGGIERE Michael V., Blücher: Scourge of Napoleon (Campaigns and Commanders Series)
CORNWELL Bernard, Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles
BECKETT Stephen M., Waterloo Betrayed: The Secret Treachery That Defeated Napoleon
Franklin John, Waterloo: The Struggle for Hougoumont: In the Words of Those Who Witnessed the Events of June 1815
BROWN Colin, ‘The Scum of the Earth’: What Happened to the Real British Heroes of Waterloo?

Congress of Vienna
VICK Brian E., The Congress of Vienna: Power and Politics after Napoleon
LENTZ Thierry (author), SIEVERS Frank (translator), 1815: Der Wiener Kongress und die Neugründung Europas (in German)
JARRETT Mark , The Congress of Vienna and its Legacy: War and Great Power Diplomacy After Napoleon
KING, David, Vienna, 1814: How the Conquerors of Napoleon Made Love, War, and Peace at the Congress of Vienna
100 Days
MÜCHLER Günter, Napoleons 100 Tage (in German)
KUIPERS Pier, Let’s Trail: Napoleon’s Hundred Days

St Helena
CAVANNA Alberto, L’ultimo viaggio dell’Imperatore Napoleone tra Waterloo e Sant’Elena (in Italian)
WHITEHEAD Anne, The Emperor’s Shadow: Bonaparte, Betsy and the Balcombes
HOLGATE Mike, Napoleon’s Grand British Holiday: The Remarkable Story of Bonaparte and His Days on the South Devon Coast

War of 1812
SCHABLITSKY Julie M., Archaeology of the War of 1812
DREZ Ronald J., The War of 1812, Conflict and Deception: The British Attempt to Seize New Orleans and Nullify the Louisiana Purchase
WATSON Robert P., America’s First Crisis – The War of 1812

Exhibition Catalogues
O’CONNELL Shiela, Clayton, Tim, Bonaparte and the British: prints and propaganda in the age of Napoleon
COGEVAL Guy, (Ed) Splendour and Misery. Pictures of Prostitution in France, 1850-1910

Books published by the Fondation Napoléon Team (in French)
NAPOLEON I, Correspondance générale de Napoléon Bonaparte, Volume 11: bruits de bottes (gathering warclouds). April-December 1811
LENTZ Thierry, Waterloo, 1815 (in French)
LENTZ Thierry, Napoléon, l’album (in French)
BRANDA Pierre, L’île d’Elbe et Le retour de Napoléon (in French)

Miscellaneous and Children’s Corner
DIETRICH William, Napoleon’s Rules: Life and Career Lessons from Bonaparte
ONES Stephanie, Napoleonic Leadership: A Study in Power

Children’s Corner
DE DUVE Catherine, The Little Waterloo

Publication Title :
Revue du Souvenir Napoléonien
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