Decree founding the temporary Polish governing commission (Komisja Rządząca) (Warsaw, 14 January, 1807)

Author(s) : NAPOLEON I
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Art 1. Until Poland's fate is decided by a definitive peace, this country is to be managed by a temporary government.
Art 2. This government is to be composed of seven members. It is to take the title, Governing Commission.
Art 3. The Governing Commission is to appoint a president from one of its number. It is to choose a secretary general from outside its number.
Art 4. The Commission is also to select from outside its number five people who will take charge of the different branches of public administration, namely: a director of justice, a director for the interior, a director of finance, a director for war and a director of police.
Art 5. These directors are to work with the Governing Commission, and their decisions are to be passed by majority voting.
Art 6. The Governing Commission is invested with all the necessary authority to make laws and regulations (following reports made by the directors) regarding the country's justice, interior administration, finance, army and policing.
Art 7. The country's present division into six departments will remain unchanged, namely: Warsaw, Poznan, Kalisz, Bromberg, Plock and Bialystock.
Art 8. The members of the Governing Commission are to be as follows:
Messrs. The Marshal Count Malachowski,
Gutakowski, President of the Supreme chamber,
The Count Stanislas Potocki,
The Count Dzialynski,
Bielinski, President of the Chamber of Kalisz,
Correspondance no. 11630

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