Summer Reading List 2016

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We’ve made a selection of recently-published (or just re-published books) concerning the First and Second Empires that should slip easily into your luggage or your bag to while away those spare moments this summer.

And there’s plenty more to choose from in last Summer’s Reading list!

Summer Reading List 2016
Beach at Trouville 1867, by Eugène Boudin.

Find out more about members of the Napoleonic Family or important figures of the the Napoleonic Era…

JAY Deborah, Napoleon’s other wife: The story of Marie-Louise, Duchess of Parma, the lesser-known wife of Napoleon Bonaparte

WULF Andrea, The invention of nature: the adventures of Alexander von Humboldt, the lost hero of science


Let your imagination wander with these novels inspired by the characters and spirit of the First and Second Empires…

KENEALLY Tom, Napoleon’s last island 

BARRON Stephanie, Jane and the Waterloo Map (Being a Jane Austen Mystery)

TAYLOR Joan Norlev : Napoleon’s Willow

CHEE Alexander, The Queen of the Night


If you’re a fan of battles or military know-how …

CROWDY Terry, Napoleon’s Infantry Handbook

BAKER-SMITH Veronica, Wellington’s Hidden Heroes: The Dutch and the Belgians at Waterloo

UFFINDELL Andrew, The Eagle’s Last Triumph: Napoleon’s Victory at Ligny, June 1815 (paperback edition now available)

GLOVER Gareth, Waterloo: The Defeat of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard: Henry Clinton, the 2nd Division and the End of a 200-year Old Controversy


Put yourself in the shoes of those who were there…

MAWSON Michael Hargreave (Ed), Eyewitness In the Crimea: The Crimean War Letters of Lieutenant Colonel George Frederick Dallas  


Explore how the literature and arts of the period were inspired by Napoleon…

COX Jeffrey N., Romanticism in the Shadow of War: Literary Culture in the Napoleonic War Years

MOORES John Richard, Representations of France in English Satirical Prints 1740-1832


And also ….

CZUBATY Jaroslaw, PHILLIPS Ursula (Translator), The Duchy of Warsaw, 1807-1815 A Napoleonic Outpost in Central Europe

DIETRICH William, Napoleon’s rules: life and career lessons from Bonaparte

HOLGATE Mike, Napoleon’s grand British holiday: the remarkable story of Bonaparte and his days on the South Devon coast

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