The Decree of Bayonne, 25 May, 1808

Author(s) : NAPOLEON I
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The kings and princes of the house of Spain have ceded to me their rights to the crown, as per the treaties of 5 and 10 May and the proclamations addressed to the Junta and the Council of Castile.
We have decreed and do decree, we have commanded and do command, the following dispositions:

Art. 1st

The Assembly of Notables, previously summoned by the Grand Duke of Berg, will meet in Bayonne on 15 June.
Those summoned should bring the desires, wishes, demands, complaints and grievances of those they represent, so that these documents should serve as the basis for the new constitution which will regulate the monarchy.
Art. 2nd
Our beloved brother-in-law, the Grand Duke of Berg will continue in his present role as Lieutenant general of the kingdom.
Art. 3rd
The ministers, the Council of State, the Council of Castile and all the religious, civilian and military authorities are confirmed in their post, since they are absolutely necessary. Justice will continue to be administered in the same way and using the same forms as in the past.
Art. 4th
The present decree will be recorded at the Council of Castile and published wherever necessary so that no one can claim that they are unaware of it.
Given in our imperial and royal palace in Bayonne, 25 May, 1808

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