Bonaparte crossing the Alps

Artist(s) : DELAROCHE Paul (after)
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Bonaparte crossing the Alps

The inspiration for this postcard came from the painting by Paul Delaroche (1797-1856) made in 1848 and held in the Louvre. Completely unlike David's version which had glorified the crossing of the Great Saint Bernard Pass, placing the First Consul on a dashing charger, Delaroche chose to show the reality of the episode, with Bonaparte riding a mule led by the guide, Pierre-Nicolas Dorsaz.
In the Sarreire defile, the mule lost its footing and would have fallen down the mountainside had not the guide had not held on tight. The guide was to be rewarded for his action.
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Date :
beginning of the 20th century
Technique :
Place held :
The collection of the Napoleon Foundation
Photo credit :
Fondation Napoléon
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