Château de Compiègne. Galerie de bal

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Commissioned by Napoleon I towards the end of 1809, this gallery is decorated with 20 stucco columns. The painted decoration was executed in 1811 and 1812 by Dubois and Redouté. Twelve compartments in the ceiling contain allegorical paintings of the great battles of the Empire. The tympana at either end are by Girodet.
During the Second Empire, Napoleon III had two statues installed here: "Napoleon I" and "Madame Mère". During the "Series", the gallery was used as a dining room.

Compiègne Itinerary

Date :
Restored state: Second Empire
Dimensions :
H = 45 m, L = 13 m, P = 10 m
Place held :
Compiègne, musée national du château
Photo credit :
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