Château de Compiègne. Salon de Réception or Salon de Famille

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The Chambre du roi during the ancien régime, this room became a salon during the Empire period. It was entirely refurnished in 1858 and 1859 with a set of gilt wood, Louis-XV chairs upholstered with Beauvais tapestry. Two large bronze torchères, “An Indian man ” and “An Indian woman”, on malachite pedestals bearing the Emperor's and the Empress's initials, a 'confident' (a two-seater sofa) and an 'indiscret' (a three-seater sofa) uphosltered with yellow damask complete the ensemble.

Compiègne Itinerary

Date :
Restored state: Second Empire
Place held :
Compiègne, musée national du Château
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