Château de Compiègne. The empress’s bedchamber

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The sculpted decoration is by Thélène and the painted decoration was done by the atelier of Dubois and Redouté. The general iconographic theme is Abundance and Fecundity. The décor, finished in 1809, was complemented in 1814 with paintings by Girodet, namely “The morning star”, “Apollo”, “Summer”, “Autumn”, “Winter”. The bedcovers are a subtle combination of muslin embroidered with gold lamé, white grained taffeta and orange-red brocade. The bed and the statues supporting the curtains are by Jacob-Desmalter. The canopy, which disappeared in 1855, has been restored following written descriptions.

Compiègne Itinerary

Date :
Restored state: First Empire
Place held :
Compiègne, Musée national du château
Photo credit :
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