Château de Compiègne. The Salon des Cartes

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Known in 1855 as the Salon des Aides de Camp, this room was given the name 'Salon des Cartes' in 1865. The furniture was progressively renewed from 1863 on. The gaming tables, the chinese billiards, and the draughts board are a reminder that the room's original function was one of after dinner entertainment for those invited to the “Series”.
It was also in this room that visitors were presented for the first time to the sovereigns. On the wall, a Map of the hunts at Compiègne which maréchal Berthier, a keen huntsman, enlarged. Either side hang two maps of the forest of Compiègne.

Compiègne Itinerary

Date :
Restored state: Second Empire
Place held :
Compiègne, musée national du château
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