Commemorative monument in Zbysov: The Monument to the Three Emperors (general view)

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As part of the celebrations for the bi-centenary of of the Battle of Austerlitz (1805-2005), a commemorative monument has been erected by the Czech Napoleonic Society in Zbysov, a small site close to Slavkov, better known by its old name, Austerlitz.

Inaugurated on 15 September this month, the monument is dedicated to the three emperors who fought on that 2 December, 1805, at Austerlitz. Resolutely modern in style, the monument comprises three columns supporting a sphere, and a commemorative plaque to one side, all in granite. One column is in light-grey French granite representing Napoleon I, another is in brown Russian granite representing Alexander I, and the third is in dark-grey granite from Germany representing Francis I (II). Each column is 3.6m tall and each is inscribed with the appropriate emperor's name.
See also the closeup of the monument.

Date :
Place held :
Zbysov, Czech Republic
Photo credit :
Sub-Lieutenant Cyril Lepetit
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