"Divorce": Josephine and Napoleon

Artist(s) : JAZET Jean-Pierre-Marie
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"Divorce": Josephine and Napoleon

Print by Jean-Pierre-Marie Jazet (1788-1871) (engraver), after Frédéric-Henri Schopin (1804-1880) (painter).

On 15 December, 1809, in Napoleon’s chambers in the Palais des Tuileries, Napoleon and Josephine’s civil marriage was dissolved. The imperial couple signed the declaration in the presence of Madame Mère, Louis, Jerome, Murat, Eugène, Julie, Hortense, Catherine, Pauline and Caroline. The Emperor made it clear that it was purely for the good of the French people and the French state that the decision had been taken. It was decided that Josephine would conserve her rank and title of empress.

This image forms part of our close-up on: Napoleon’s “divorce”.

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Châteaux de Malmaison et Bois-Préau
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© RMN/Gérard Blot
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