The Battle of Marengo: Bonaparte (detail)

Artist(s) : LEJEUNE Louis François (baron)
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This work was greatly appreciated at the Salon of 1801 for its accuracy. Lejeune was awarded a gold medal and his picture was re-exhibited at the Salon of 1802. It was also to be woven at the Gobelins manufactory in 1806, but the project was never completed.

This work is part of the exhibition Marengo. Une victoire politique, which lasts until 28 August 2000 at the Museum of the Château de Malmaison et Bois-Préau.

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Date :
Salon of 1801
Technique :
oil on canvas
Dimensions :
H = 1.8 m, L = 2.5 m
Place held :
Versailles, musée national du château
Photo credit :
M.P. Moinet
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