The eve of the elections [1848, presidential elections]

Artist(s) : Rigobert
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The eve of the elections [1848, presidential elections]
Veille des élections [1848, élections présidentielles, IIe République] © BnF (Gallica, identifiant

Pictured on the wall, Napoleon I sits upright on his back-to-front seat, in the bivouac on the eve of his great victory at Austerlitz, whilst below Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, wearing a bicorne too big for him, is slumped on a seat, doubtless drunk, empty bottles at his feet.

The analogy between the two “Napoleonic” postures is hardly to the advantage of the nephew, in the process of becoming the first (and only) President of the Second Republic, in this month of December 1848.

The Strasbourg pâté devoured by the chicken Marengo, recalls its “adventurous” political past marked by the failures of its coups d’etat (Strasbourg, Boulogne).

Publisher: Ch. les Capron Publisher: rue Louvois. 10

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H = 30 cm, L = 25.8 cm
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Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Estampes et photographie, RESERVE QB-370 (122)-FT4
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© Domaine public - BnF
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