Emperor Napoleon I

  1. Napoleon I was born on 15 August, 1769 at Ajaccio in Corsica. How many siblings did he have?

  2. How many times was Napoleon I married?

  3. How many legitimate children did Napoleon I have?

  4. Aged 24, the young Bonaparte retook Toulon captured by the English. To what rank was he was promoted?

  5. Between 1796 and 1797, general Bonaparte was very successful during the First Italian Campaign. Which of these are famous battles from that campaign? (several choices available)

  6. In 1798, General Bonaparte led a military and scientific expedition, to which country?

  7. Napoleon Bonaparte overturned the Directory during a coup d'etat, the 18 and 19 Brumaire. What date is this using today's calendar?

  8. During the Consulate, Bonaparte set about modernising France. Which of these sentences is false?

  9. On which date was Napoleon crowned "Hereditary Emperor of the French" in Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris?

  10. One or more of the following phrases is true: (several choices available)

  11. Which of these phrases is false?

  12. During the Russian Campaign of 1812, Napoleon won the Battle of Smolensk, and the Battle of Borodino and entered Moscow 14 September, 1812. Despite these victories, he returned quickly to Paris, Why?

  13. What does the expression 'the Hundred Days' refer to?

  14. Napoleon I abdicated a second time on 22 June, 1815, after his defeat at Waterloo, 18 June. Where is Waterloo?

  15. On 5 May, 1821, Napoleon I died on the island of Saint Helena (South Atlantic). Where is he buried?