Emperor Napoleon III

  1. How was Napoleon III related to Napoleon I?

  2. Napoleon III's father was married to Hortense de Beauharnais. What was his name and who was he?

  3. Because of the law banning members of the Bonaparte family from France (1 January, 1816), Charles-Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte spent his childhood abroad in:

  4. On 29 January, 1853, Napoleon III married a woman who was not French. What was her name and what nationality was she?

  5. Did Napoleon III have any children?

  6. Before the coup d'état of 2 December, 1852, and the re-establishment of the imperial regime, Napoleon III was:

  7. Napoleon III encouraged the great project for the construction of which exceptional means of communication, developed by Ferdinand de Lesseps?

  8. In his time, what was Napoleon III's nickname?

  9. In the war against the Prussians, Napoleon III was forced to capitulate, causing the fall of the Second Empire. When and where did this happen?

  10. On 9 January, 1873, Napoleon III died in one of the following towns. Which one?