Napoleon I and his family (July 2008)

Here’s a new quiz on Napoleon I and his family.

Don’t know the answers? Have look at the section called ‘Napoleon I and his family‘. Good luck!

  1. The Prince imperial's parents gave him a nickname. What was it?

  2. How many cannons shots were fired for the birth of Napoleon III?

  3. Which language did Louis, King of Holland, learn?

  4. Before she married, Marie-Louise was a:

  5. Which of Napoleon I's sisters took seawater baths for medicinal reasons?

  6. What was the Empress Josephine's favourite flower?

  7. Napoleon I decided that one of his brothers would become a sailor: which one?

  8. Napoleon I's parents had how many children?

  9. Napoleon affectionately (re-)named his first wife ‘Josephine'. What was her real christian name?

  10. How old was Napoleon I when he came to Paris to go to military school?