The life of Napoleon I (August 2008)

  1. Where was Napoleon Bonaparte born?

  2. Napoleon was a studious child; he was best at:

  3. In 1798, Napoleon and his soldiers were sent to:

  4. From 1791 to 1806, they changed the calendar in France: what was the name of that calendar?

  5. During the Consulate, that is, from 1799 to 1804, Napoleon had a very important body of legal texts written down. This was known as:

  6. Napoleon I was crowned Emperor on the:

  7. One year after the coronation, Napoleon I won a famous military victory against Austria and Russia. Where did the battle take place?

  8. Napoleon could always be recognised because of his:

  9. In 1810, Napoleon married for the second time. To whom?

  10. In 1815, Napoleon was exiled to which island?