The life of Napoleon III

  1. Where did Louis-Napoleon spend his childhood?

  2. Louis-Napoleon was:

  3. In 1840, Louis-Napoleon tried to seize power in France, but failed:

  4. In 1848, Louis-Napoleon was elected President of the French Rpublic. He was called:

  5. Napoleon III redesigned Paris. In particular, he built:

  6. During the Crimean War, the French army won the battle of:

  7. In 1855, the French swarmed to visit the Unversal Exhibition. Amongst new inventions they discovered was:

  8. In 1856, Napoleon III had a son. His title was:

  9. Napoleon III was very keen on history and archaeology:

  10. On the fall of the Second Empire in 1870, Napoleon III and his family went into exile in: