The Marshals of the First Empire (November 2001)

  1. The rank of marshal:

  2. The title marshal is:

  3. In order, a marshal ranks:

  4. What was the exact title born by the marshals?

  5. The first marshal was created:

  6. When the first marshals were first created, there were:

  7. How many marshals were appointed after the first promotions in 1804?

  8. How many marshals did not swear the oath of allegiance on 19 May, 1804?

  9. Why did Jourdan not figure in the l'Almanach impérial of 1809?

  10. Which of these two was never made marshal?

  11. Which of these three statements concerning the marshals Poniatowski and Masséna is correct?

  12. Which of these statement concerning marshals Brune and Masséna is correct?

  13. Marshal Victor also bore the title:

  14. Poniatowski was a marshal for:

  15. Davout was the youngest ever marshal, appointed at the age of: