A series of films and interviews on Napoleonic topics produced by RFI in several languages

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A series of films and interviews on Napoleonic topics produced by RFI (Radio France International) in various languages, some with the participation of some members of the Fondation Napoléon team. This link will be updated as new videos are published.

RFI English :

– Three-part interview with Peter Hicks on the life of Napoleon, including a special Waterloo episode. In English.

Report on 2021 Re-enactment of Waterloo

RFI Chinese :

– Napoleon and China (in three episodes and interview with Peter Hicks). In French with Chinese subtitles

– Long reportage in Alsace to discover the first Franco-Chinese dictionary. In French with Chinese subtitles

RFI Russian :

– Long format reportage on Borodino, with people participating in battle re-enactments, with drone images. In Russian.

– Video on the sale of a manuscript on the battle of Austerlitz

RFI Portuguese :

– Interview with Manuel de Nascimiento, about his book Commented timeline of Napoleon. In Portuguese.

– Video report on the Bicentenary ceremony / Macron’s speech. Subtitles in Portuguese

RFI Brazil :

– Series of major reports on the theme of Napoleon and Brazil. In Brazilian.
Full reports : click here

  •  Napoleon and Brazil, interviews with historians: click here
  • French Guiana and Brazil under Napoleon: click here
  • Napoleon’s escape plan to Brazil: click here
  • Report on the legacy of the Grognards in Brazil: click here
  • Reportage in a museum with Napoleonic works of art: click here

RFI Spanish :

Long report on the island of Cabrera, the prison island. In Spanish.

– Interview with Isabelle de Gourcuff, on the Napoleon season at Fontainebleau. In Spanish.

– Cultural programme, on the traces of Napoleon in Paris. In Spanish (but interviews in French)

– Interview with Jean Mendelson, about Napoleon and St Helena. In Spanish

– Debate programme on the controversies surrounding Napoleon. In Spanish

– Quick questions and answers on Napoleon’s legacy, with Thierry Lentz. In French, with Spanish subtitles.

RFI Persian :

– Analysis around Napoleon with an Iranian view on the character.

RFI Cambodian :

– Video on Science and Napoleon. In Khmer.

RFI Romanian :
– Coming soon, two reports in Romania on Arcole and the legacy of the Civil Code in Romanian.

There is also the long interview with Thierry Lentz recorded at the end of December 2019, available in full here and then adapted and subtitled in different languages: in Spanish; in Cambodian; in English; or in Russian. But also Chinese and Brazilian extracts are directly integrated into the video reports produced. Soon, in Romanian and Portuguese.

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