An introduction to First Empire music

Music of the First Empire

In preparation for the second atelier de la Fondation Napoléon, which will discuss music in everyday life, has assembled a number of links where you can listen to some First Empire music.

NB: all links are external.

Free online streaming: full tracks
Paisiello: Musiques pour le chapelle de Napoléon Bonaparte, Messe en pastorale pour le premier consul
Paisiello: Funeral march for the death of General Hoche

– Paisiello & Mayr: passagio di monte di San Bernardo from Elisa ossia Il monte San Bernardo
Mehul: Les Symphonie n°1 et n°2
– Boieldieu: Harp Concerto in C major
                          I Allegro
                          II Andante lento
                          III Allegro agitato

Free online streaming: extracts
Gossec: Symphonie a 17 parties/la Grande Messe des Morts