Potage à la Reine

This soup was usually served in winter and has chicken and almonds as its main ingredients, which give it a thick consistency, halfway between a soup and a purée.

The recipe for potage à la reine most probably dates from the 15th century, and was thus named in honour of queen Marguerite of Valois, the first wife of Henri IV. It was served at court at least once a week. It even entered the menus of hospitals as its ingredients made it a hearty and nourishing dish.
The recipe also crossed the channel, and makes an appearance in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The soup features in a scene where it is discussed as a necessary part of throwing the ball at Netherfield, and it was intended for the reinvigoration of the guests. You can read more about this here (external link).


50g rice
100g of almond paste
100g double cream
Chicken breast
Stock in which you have cooked the chicken.

Period Recipe

Take a cup of stock and add a handful of breadcrumbs; make some stock; in a mortar, crush breast meat from a spit roast chicken with a dozen sweet almonds, three bitter almonds and six hard-boiled egg whites; when this is all well blended, add the breadcrumb and stock mixture and half a pint of cream or good milk; put this puree into a bain-marie and cook until the soup is very hot, but not boiling, or else it will separate. Pour some bouillon over croutons coated in breadcrumbs which you have already prepared, and then add the soup. - Néo-physiologie du goût par ordre alphabétique ou Dictionnaire général de la Cuisine française, ancienne et moderne ... Enrichi de plusieurs menus ... par M. de la Reynière. Paris, au bureau du Dictionnaire général de cuisine, 1839

Bon appetit

1) Remove the meat of a chicken cooked in stock.
2) Cook the rice in 2/3 of the remaining stock.
3) Add the almond paste to the cooked rice and blend this in a food processor.
4) Add the cream (or milk, if you prefer a lighter soup) to the rice and almond mixture and blend. It should reach a smooth consistency.  
5) Add the rest of the bouillon to the soup so that it maintains an even consistency.

6) Serve with croutons.

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