Potato cake

A simple dessert recipe for your leftover potatoes.

At the beginning of the 19th-century, the potato was still to take over the family dinner table and continued to be considered like other varieties of sub-vegetables reserved for animal feed. Nevertheless, this hardy tuber's easy cultivation and clear nutritional benefits, coupled with occasional waves of famine and devastating crop failure, would ensure this humble vegetable's domination of the gastronomic scene in the years to come.


- Leftover boiled or mashed potatoes
- A knob of butter (size of knob varies according to amount of leftover potato)
- Milk (preferably full fat for a more creamy mix)
- Three eggs (more if necessary)
- Icing sugar
- Eau de vie and lemon (optional)

Period Recipe

Take some boiled potatoes and mash with a knob of butter; once everything is well-mixed, blend in enough milk to ensure that the paste is neither too light, nor too thick. Add a little eau de vie, two spoonfuls of sugar and some grated lemon; once everything has cooled down, add three egg yolks mixed with milk. Stir well; next add the beaten egg whites. Grease the pie dish. Pour in the mixture, place on a larger dish, and cook in a hot oven. (Original French taken from La cuisinière de la campagne et de la ville, ou La nouvelle cuisine économique, Paris, Audot, 1818.)

Bon appetit

1) Mash or purée boiled potatoes
2) Make a smooth mix (not too runny) with butter and milk
3) Add icing sugar
4) Flavour with eau de vie (of your choice) and/or lemon zest
5) Add egg yolks, followed by the whipped egg whites
6) Cook on a medium heat (6 or 7) for fifteen to twenty minutes

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