The Prince-Jérôme

The fashion for meringue domes

The Second Empire elevated the meringue to one of the “in” desserts. People liked its light and crispy texture, to the point that they had the idea, albeit initially greeted with incredulity, of combining it with ice cream, to get hot and cold in the same dish. The “Baked Alaska” had been born.

Period Recipe

Make a meringue with 7 egg whites using 250g of sugar; combine the 7 egg yolks with 125g of cream of rice, kirsch and vanilla, and gradually incorporate into the meringue; place in a flan case lined on both the sides and the bottom with grease-proof paper and bake in a cool oven. When completely cooked, top with chopped vanilla and pistachios.  Bon appétit! P. Lacam, Mémorial historique et géographique de la pâtisserie, Paris: 3e ed., 1895, p. 138.

Bon appetit


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