New medal museum opens in Tuscany

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New medal museum opens in Tuscany


On March 24th the Museo Medagliere dell’Europa Napoleonica (Napoleonic European Medallion Museum) was opened in Castiglion Fiorentino Tuscany Italy.

The collection is from the private collection of Alain Borghini, and consists of original commemorative medallions minted in several European countries during the period from the French Revolution to the Restoration. Hosted in the just restored medieval dungeons of the castle of city, the Medallion Museum exhibits more than nine hundred historical medals and jetons with which visitors and scholars can make a journey in the past as it is depicted by these small metal masterpieces. This collection, still growing with continuous additions and not completely displayed in the current layout, is one of the most important worldwide due not only to the number of pieces stored but also by the fact in it it’s possible to find medals minted all around Europe so to appreciate the different monarchs’ points of view. There are not just historical medallions but jetons, badges, monnaies de confiance, calendar medals and box medals to show a full spectrum of not only political events but also the whole European society of that time.

Medallions are displayed in more than 30 showcases placed in four scenographic halls according a diachronic layout and accompanied with musical arrangements and screens showing historical movies so to assure an historical full immersion.

The grand opening was presided over by Mayor Mario Agnelli, whose help has been invaluable. Also helping to open the exhibition was J. David Markham, President of the International Napoleonic Society, Knight of the Order of the French Academic Palms, who gave gold medal recognition awards to Mayor Agnelli and Borghini. Part of the festivities included a Saturday mini-congress of the INS with speakers from Canada, the USA, Ireland and France joining those from Italy. There was also a concert on Sunday evening.

The exhibition is completed by a fully illustrated 2 volume book (600pp), Nel Segno dell’Aquila, where all the displayed pieces are pictured and described not only from a numismatic point of view but also from historical and sociology viewpoints.

Written by a famous Italian numismatist, Franca Maria Vanni, with an introduction by President Markham, Nel Segno dell’Aquila has the aim to become a fundamental reference book for anybody wants to approach the Napoleonic historical medallions’ world. Not only for collectors or numismatist, this work is a real mine of information and details that are often generally unknown.

The museum is open from Thursday to Sunday throughout the year.


Museo Medagliere dell’Europa Napoleonica

Via del Tribunale 8, Castiglion Fiorentino, (AR)




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