Anatomy of Glory: Napoleon and his Guard

Author(s) : BROWN Anne S.K., LACHOUQUE Henry
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Napoleon and his Guard has been reprinted after more than 35 years. The glory of the Imperial Guard resounds above all others in the annals of war. This is a new printing of this critically acclaimed publication with a new introduction by Col. John R. Elting. Perhaps it is less an anatomy than epic or biography narrating the Guard's “ancestors” and “birth,” ending with its fall and death. But with the wealth of detail, illustrations, maps, and plans we somehow come back to an anatomized, but soulful description of this talented group. Students of the Napoleonic wars will value the appendixes, including “Units of the Guard in Order of their Creation,” “Armament and Tactics of the Imperial Guard” as well as biographical notes on the artists whose works enrich the text; unfortunately the only index is arranged by personal name. There are guards and Guards, this book argues, and unlike with the kings of France, there was never an Emperor's guard — only the Imperial Guard, a body of distinguished soldiers of merit. When this book was out of print it brought prices as high as $250.

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London: Greenhill Books and Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books
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For sale at Empire Books
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