Britain, Portugal and South America in the Napoleonic Wars

Author(s) : ROBSON Martin
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Britain, Portugal and South America in the Napoleonic Wars

In the maelstrom of Napoleonic Europe, Britain remained defiant, resisting French imperial ambitions. This Anglo-French rivalry was, essentially, a politico-economic conflict for pre-eminence fought on a global scale and it reached a zenith in 1806-1808 with France’s apparent dominance of Continental Europe. Britain reacted swiftly and decisively to implement maritime-based strategies to limit French military and commercial gains in Europe, while protecting British overseas interests. The policy is particularly evident in relations with Britain’s ‘Ancient Ally’: Portugal. That country and, by association her South American empire, became the front line in the battle between Napoleon’s ambitions and British maritime security. Shedding new light on British war aims and maritime strategy, this is an essential work for scholars of the Napoleonic Wars and British political, diplomatic, economic and maritime/military history.


1 British War Aims
 2 The Importance of Portugal and Latin America
Part One: The Ministry of All the Talents
3 The Portuguese Crisis of 1806
4 The Rosslyn Mission to Lisbon
5 The Talents and South America
Part Two: The Portland Administration
6 The Strategy of the Portland Government
7 The Portuguese Crisis of 1807
8 British Naval Intervention
9 The Crisis Resolved
10 The blockade of Lisbon
11 The Portland Administration and South America in 1808
12 The Spanish insurrection and British policy

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I.B. Tauris
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